The benefits of ePrescribing as a SequelMed provider

E-Prescribing (eRx) offers more benefits than its basic function of generating a prescription and sending it electronically to a pharmacy. Although, endorsed by the CMS as a must-use tool for medical practices and offering eRx incentives if adopted or facing penalties otherwise, the value which an electronic prescription system adds to the efficacy of a medical provider is multifaceted.

The Medicare’s e-Prescribing incentives and penalties

The Medicare’s e-Prescribing incentive program obligates the providers who haven’t participated in the eRx Incentive Program yet, should become successful e-prescribers by June 30, 2013; otherwise, they will face a 2% penalty in 2014 and onwards. To avoid ePrescribing penalties, providers must routinely use an eRx system.


Benefits of ePrescribing as a SequelMed provider

SequelMed offers two types of ePrescribing systems: a stand-alone web-based E-Prescribe (eRx) system that is used for eRx only and the other type is the EHR/EMR applications bundled with eRx functionality. These ePrescribing solutions are Surescripts-RxHub certified and are used by physicians, physician assistants and nurse practitioners nationwide to prescribe without paper.

Here are a few benefits of using SequelMed ePrescribe system.

  1. Securely exchange new prescriptions and prescription information with pharmacies and PBMs in communities throughout all 50 states and Washington, D.C.
  2. Comprehensive online drug reference guide using the Gold Standard’s Alchemy database for all prescriptions, OTC medications and supplies approved by the FDA.
  3. Real-time pharmacy and payer information before prescribing.
  4. Get patient eligibility and formulary information before e-prescribing.
  5. View patient-specific health information, such as, history of current and past medication.
  6. Transmit the medication to the patient preferred pharmacy; locate through ZIP codes or online maps.
  7. Add personal comments and directions along with the electronic prescriptions and save time and resources used in answering phone calls, call-backs and sending faxes to pharmacies.
  8. Online medication authorization and refill request handling through a secure web-based account which can be accessed from anywhere.
  9. Avoid adverse drug events (ADE’s) by practicing through an advanced decision support system.
  10. The SequelMed eRx system automatically warns the user through alerts and prompts in case of drug-drug or drug-allergy interactions and threats.
  11. Extra information on the drug being prescribed and exchange follow-up patient education literature.
  12. Add SIG notes and also choose from a list of directions which the ePrescribe system automatically suggests.

SequelMed E-Prescribing (eRx) system is bringing value to the practices and is immensely used due to its advanced capabilities. For better insight, view demo of the system or contact us for detailed information.

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