Connected EHRs and MU2 transition of care measures

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The Meaningful Use program has emphasized the need for exchanging health information by using certified EHRs. Especially, the Meaningful Use stage 2 Transition of Care (TOC) measures which require 10% of referrals by eligible providers/hospitals to be sent electronically and providing a summary of care record for more than 50% of transitions of care and referrals.

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In the current scenario, EHRs must be capable of communicating with other services and devices, not only to fulfill Meaningful Use criteria but to realize real benefits of this health care technology. To make it possible, SequelMed offers an EHR system which is capable of extending the reach and efficacy of health care providers and the system successfully integrates with a multitude of health care services.

Here are a few advantages of using a connected EHR system.

  • EHR integration with an online patient portal, bridges the communication gaps between providers and the patients and facilitates sharing of PHRs.
  • A virtual connection with the lab helps in sending lab orders and receiving lab reports and medical images, without any delay.
  • An online connection with pharmacies enables users of SequelMed EHR to send electronically the prescriptions or renew/refill orders to the preferred pharmacy of the patients.
  • Patient referrals and sharing health records to another physician is only possible if the EHR system is capable of exporting health data in a CCDA standard format and can transmit it to other networks.
  • EHR connected mHealth apps improve patient care and increase patient loyalty
  • The EHR system which can connect across networks and can integrate data from all sites are beneficial for the medical practices who have a presence in multiple locations and facilities.
  • During emergencies and for the patients in critical condition, connected EHRs are highly beneficial because they can fetch in advance the patients’ health records and vital signs connecting with the ambulatory CPOE.
  • The EHR systems connecting with web-based services bring to work the advanced communication protocols, such as, instant messaging, email and online fax services.

The EHR applications are spreading their wings and are ready to bring in advantages of a connected health care system, population health management and the benefits of health information exchange. It is moving towards m-Health where interoperability of health information would reach to mobile devices and patients and providers would have flexible access to health data round the clock.