EHRs for solo and small physician practices

Solo physicians and small practice groups are increasingly adopting Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and the adoption rate has never been this steep. EHR systems improve the efficacy of a practice which can manage a variety of clinical tasks with fewer resources. Such as, maintaining the health records in paper form requires someone dedicated to the task, whereas, electronic version of health records can be solely managed by the physician. Similarly, a certified EHR system is capable of virtually connecting labs, pharmacies and the patients with the physician practice, resulting in a reduced spending on communication and also a decrease in the running expense of an office. The Meaningful Use incentive program has also attracted small physician practices and solo physicians to adopt the EHR systems, who were initially reluctant due to the difficulties in managing the costs of the system.

Although Meaningful Use program has incentivized the EHR adoption and is one of the major contributing factors for the rapid acceptance of the EHR systems in a few years, however, the realization of its benefits is also an important factor in pivoting the way for adoption. Small physician practices have reported improved productivity starting from the first thirty days of the EHR implementation and startling improvements in the workflow and soaring profits. Some of the benefits realized after the EHR system implementation are:

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Workflow optimization

  • Better communication within the practice and with the patients
  • Integrated workflow
  • Quick access to health records
  • Efficient time scheduling
  • Low claim denials
  • Better control over bills and payments

Clinical outcomes

  • Reduced medication errors
  • Enhanced patient care
  • Better assessments through decision support system
  • Improved patient satisfaction and loyalty

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