SequelMed Patient Portal

Bringing Together Patients and Care Providers, Improving Communication and Access to Information, and Boosting the Standard of Care

SequelMed Patient Portal, is helping to improve and speed up communication between physicians and patients, giving patients instant access to their personal health information, and allowing physicians and other healthcare providers more time to focus on delivering the best possible care.

The American Recovery & Reinvestment Act is mandating that healthcare organizations adopt and demonstrate the use of a certified EHR in order to get a piece of the stimulus pie. During the transition from paper-based to fully electronic environments, it is vitally important to not only create system efficiencies, reduce medical errors and improve outcomes, but also to create a communication and education platform between patients and their providers.

SequelMed Patient Portal provides physicians with an additional tool which allows for quick and efficient communications with patients online. It also ensures that the patients have real-time care and access to information that helps them to stay connected and actively involved in their own health.

“The Patient Portal integrates seamlessly with our existing SequelMed EHR installation, we were up and running quickly and experiencing time savings that allow us to better serve the patients who depend on us faster than with other solutions,” said Dr. Peter Deane, principal, Allergy Asthma Immunology of Rochester (AAIR).

In today’s technologically advanced healthcare society, a patient portal provides the perfect way for providers and patients to connect and engage while ensuring that everyone has an equally important role in the care process. SequelMed Patient Portal is designed as a user-friendly, simple application that facilitates online communication between patients and their providers. Built with patient convenience in mind, SequelMed Patient Portal integrates seamlessly with SequelMed EHR and electronic medical record (EMR) solutions.

With SequelMed Patient Portal, patients can:

  • Request appointments with their care providers
  • Receive reminders and alerts
  • Complete patient registration and necessary health forms
  • Manage referrals
  • View physician information developed specifically for patients
  • View their personal health records
  • Request and conduct eVisit consultations
  • Renew and refill prescriptions
  • Access lab results
  • Pay their bills online