SequelMed Medical Software Solutions are Customizable to Cater Individual Needs

SequelMed has specific yet customizable content for various specialties that makes the system flexible, and adaptable. What helps differentiate SequelMed is that the software solution is designed by doctors, keeping in view needs of the different practices. During implementation, SequelMed takes on a consultative approach in order to truly understand each practice. The project manager assigned to train a practice always establishes goals to ensure that the practices desired results are achieved.

A well configured EHR system installation is helpful in customizing workflow according to the needs of the practice. It excites user interest in the installation process and makes adoption easier. Such an implementation pays back in many ways:

Eliminates redundant procedures: Unlike paper-based forms and documents, computerized forms and entries stay recorded in the system and are easier to pull up whenever required, which saves from filling the same information repeatedly.

Capitalize on benefits: Other than workflow improvement and enhanced efficiency, a well maintained EHR system helps getting monetary incentives offered by CMS attached with successful adoption of the technology and compliance with the standards.

Improves efficacy and effectiveness: Instant availability of health records improves efficacy of the user. Health records are better indexed, maintained, archived and can be accessed regardless of time and space.

Custom made templates decrease cognitive overload: Specialty templates simulate an intuitive environment, saving users from tiresome repeated procedures.

Better understanding of operations: Self-driven participation in the EHR system implementation provides an advance insight in the working patterns and functionalities.

Advantageous technology: EHR technology is here to stay and its advantages are well established now. So why to stick with old practice and get alienated due to outdated mode of practice.

Accuracy and precision through artificial intelligence: The intuitive EHR system guides at every step of working through decision support utility. Cumbersome medical coding and billing is now automated and does not require extra resources or years of experience.

Increases profitability: Accuracy of coding and billing ensures fewer payment rejections and also saves overhead costs.

Better communication: Phone, fax, email are modern-day tools of communication and one cannot imagine an office without them. A perfect EHR system comes embedded with these tools of communication.

Time saver: It is the sign of a good technology that every passing day increases synchronization of the mind with the workflow, in the end, saving precious time. It also saves time of searching for charts and reports filed.

Cost-effective infrastructure: Although the upfront cost is daunting, in reality, health information technology is cost effective. For instance, it excludes infrastructure cost of papers, printing, files, racks etc.

Maintaining standards and easy up gradation: Health sector is changing day-by-day and in this ever evolving scenario, it is better to adopt a flexible EHR system which can accommodate changes without hampering the workflow.