Switching EHR vendor for all the right reasons

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Switching EHR vendor is not just a fad now; Black Book Rankings tags 2013 as the year of “the great EHR vendor switch” and they were right in saying it. Most of the physician practices and healthcare providers are switching their EHR vendor because they are not satisfied and EHR product has failed to meet their requirements or facing difficulty to meet the criteria set by the Meaningful Use incentive program.

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Ironically, Meaningful Use program is cited as well for the rapid adoption of EHRs and now it has emerged as one of the main causes of disrupting the EHR implementation process. We reviewed this issue of ‘switching EHR vendors’ and pointed out factors causing it. For instance:

  • Providers are not satisfied with the current EHR system
  • Lack of vendor support
  • Practice incompatibility with the EHR in use
  • Meaningful Use is raising the bar day by day, adding new requirements which the EHR vendor is not able to incorporate
  • There are conflicts in the integration or synchronization of the EHR software with other applications

The physician practices who switched their EHR vendor had one question in common. How an eligible professional (EP) would attest if switched to another certified EHR vendor in the middle of the Meaningful Use program year?

Apprehending the situation CMS came up with the answer:

If an EP, eligible hospital or CAH switches from one certified EHR vendor to another during the program year, the data collected for the selected menu objectives and quality measures should be combined from both of the EHR systems for attestation. The count of unique patients does not need to be reconciled when combining from the two EHR systems.

If the menu objectives and/or clinical quality measures used are also being changed when switching vendors, the menu objectives and/or quality measures collected from the EHR system that was used for the majority of the program year should be reported.
(CMS FAQ8227)

Why switching to SequelMed is a win-win deal?

SequelMed is a viable health IT vendor, trusted by physician practices since 1995. Over the years, the company has developed and offered a range of health care IT products which integrate with each other and provide a complete solution to all the needs of the providers.

  • SequelMed suite of health IT products include EMR, EHR, Practice Management, Patient Portal, e-Prescribe and e-Link.
  • For years now, SequelMed has been providing medical billing and coding services to billing companies and providers; a value adding expertise which plays an important role in optimizing ROI.
  • The company extends its support through assistance in the implementation phase and follows with comprehensive training sessions.
  • SequelMed EHR is an ONC-ATCB certified solution that meets all the requirements of Meaningful Use criteria.
  • SequelMed EHR meets HL7 protocols for health information exchange and is HIPAA 5010 compliant.
  • Switching to SequelMed is ideal for health care providers who want complete automation of clinical workflows, ranging from scheduling to billing and want the easiest path to Meaningful Use incentives.